Stop the Spread of Germs

If just one person in the family is affected with a cold or flu, it often causes a chain reaction that spreads fast. We can help stop the spread of germs!


Diffuse the Fortify Medicinal Grade Plant Serum in your environment to protect yourself and those you care for.  This ancient recipe has shown a 99.9% kill rate of airborne germs. Don’t have a diffuser yet? Our diffusers have settings allowing you to set them for 1 hour to 24 hours (without having to refill). Look at the options on our Essential Oil page to order your diffuser.  If you already have the flu, start applying FORTIFY to your body. A small instruction guide is included with each FORTIFY purchase, listing over 15 different ways to enjoy your FORITY PLANT SERUM.

That’s the best stuff (Fortify) for the flu. It worked better than antibiotics this time.” April in Tennessee and also a member of the Painted Mountain Intertribal Community

Alywillow Fortify


Use the Warrior Therapeutic Plant Formula SPRITZER  regularly in your home, office, or classroom. These plants will help fight germs in the air and just breathing this mist can also help increase focus and clarity. It’s a favorite product for individuals who have intense jobs OR for those who have hyperactive or attention deficiency issues.

“Thank you for sharing the Warrior Spritzer and soap with me and my daughter. Savannah (11yrs old) has had a tough time focusing in school. After trying many different things, we were very excited with the results she was having with the Alywillow products. Savannah’s focus, eagerness to learn and overall maturity level has made such a difference. Thank you again for taking the time to speak with us in such detail, explaining your products. Savannah’s confidence has changed her whole demeanor. Worth every penny! Thank you for a life changed.” J Turlington – Lillington, NC

Alywillow Warrior Spritzer


Wash and moisturize your entire body with our Warrior or SageRow Therapeutic Plant Formulas. Our soaps and moisturizers containing these formulas offer powerful antibacterial and antiviral properties to help remove harmful germs from your body.

“I work in a very stressful job and by using the warrior soap every day for the past 2 months, it has calmed my anxiety and I am able to do my job successfully without more anxiety attacks.” R. Drummer

sagerow bar soap

WASHING YOUR HANDS:  Our Warrior and Sagerow Formulas are also available in a liquid form to use as a hand soap. They are safe enough for your face, your whole body, and even your hair!

“My son LOVES his Upside Down (Cleanser) soap! He used it last night to wash his hair and his hair never looked BETTER! Makes me want to now try it!  🙂  He didn’t even use conditioner and it still left his hair so soft! ” – Amy E. September 2015


TRAVEL SIZE:  We also offer small “empty” travel size bottles for just $1.  They will each hold 2 ounces of fluid and they will easily fit in a purse, book bag, or briefcase. Just refill with the Warrior Spritzer and you’re ready to travel. These are in our stores or you can call us with your order and we can easily add them.