Soaps and Moisturizers SAFE For Autistic Children

Attn Parents of Autistic Children:

autisAlywillow soaps and moisturizers are made 100% of plants, with no chemicals or artificial ingredients. They are safe for people with sensitive skin and since we use over 50 different medicinal plants from around the world, they offer many great therapeutic benefits including pain relief; clearing acne, psoriasis and eczema; stress relief and much more.

You can safely use Alywillow soaps and moisturizers on your child trusting their skin and body is being treated with care and the purity of plants.  Also, they are effective and safe for autistic children, who can sometimes be extremely sensitive to chemicals.

If you are concerned with potential allergies, you can review our list of ingredients or contact us with your specific concern.

We currently offer 7 different formulas – Warrior, Wildwood, Minty Relief, Sweet Magic, Sage Cleanse, Lavender Formula and Unscented) and here is a brief description of the two formulas I recommend the most (although all of them are great for various reasons).

Lavender Formula

laveThis is made of 9 plants and available in Soaps, Moisturizers and Room Sprays… read more

  • calming effects of lavender
  • marjoram is a natural muscle relaxer
  • helps improve function of the glandular system
  • frankincense helps increase mental clarity
  • stress reliever
  • helps relieve anxiety attacks

Warrior Formula

frankinwarriorThis is made of 9 plants and available in Soaps, Moisturizers and Room Sprays… read more 

  • antibacterial and antiviral protection (without drying effects)
  • frankincense helps increase mental clarity
  • immune booster
  • balance pH levels
  • helps detox the body
  • skin clearing effects including eczema and psoriasis