Plant Powered Perfumes

 Welcome to the most BEAUTIFUL scents on the planet in our ‘Plant Powered Perfumes’!

 These are natural and beautiful in any situation – definitely not offensive like so many perfumes! They are concentrated natural organic and therapeutic plants made into Plant Powered Perfumes and available to you in a beautiful frosted glass roll on. This is high quality perfume with no alcohol or other harmful ingredients.  Special combinations offer amazing smells in these oil perfumes. Aligned with the major chakra centers to help bring energetic assistance for a balanced life. Use just a little as these are very concentrated. Individual roll-on glass .35 oz bottles.$20 each or get the whole set for $100. Visit our Etsy store to place your order. Enjoy!

Alywillow Plant Powered Perfumes

SUCCESS Plant Powered Perfume

Aligned with the root chakra. A spicy grounding scent of 6 plants offering clear focus while enhancing your ability to manifest your dreams and goals.

MAGICAL Plant Powered Perfume

Aligned with the sacral chakra. Flowing, uplifting, connection and moving. These 4 plants support a joyful, harmonious and optimistic outlook on life.

POWER Plant Powered Perfume

Aligned with the solar plexus chakra. Fueling the fire within. These 5 plants help increase your strength of will and determination in a nurturing & respectful way.

PEACE Plant Powered Perfume

Aligned with the heart chakra. Bringing calming and soothing understanding. These 5 plants help bring a new perspective. Healing old wounds and restoring inner peace.

COMPASSION Plant Powered Perfume

Aligned with the higher heart chakra. Experience gentle transitions & clarity with the rhythmic flow of life – increasing self esteem and trust.

COMMUNICATION Plant Powered Perfume

Aligned with the throat chakra. These 5 plants help you express yourself clearly and calmly while enhancing your discernment to hear the truth amidst the noise.

INSPIRATION Plant Powered Perfume

Aligned with the third eye chakra. These 3 plants enhance intuition to open to a blissful state of trust and more confidence in your higher knowing.

FRESH Plant Powered Perfume

Aligned with the crown, hands and feet chakras. Two sacred herbs, Cedar and Sage, join together in this blend for blessings, cleansings and protection. Creating an energetic vibrational shifting.

COMPLETE SET OF 8 Plant Powered Perfumes ($100)

In this set you’ll get one bottle of each formula – all 8 bottles. The great saves of $40 is to show our appreciation for you and to give you the best possible chance to enjoy the benefits of these chakra aligned perfumes. 🙂

SAMPLE SET OF 8 Plant Powered Perfumes ($25)

If you wish to smell them all? You can order a Sample Smell Set and we’ll send you smell testers, just enough to smell. Then, once you decide which perfume you prefer, we’ll ship one bottle to you at no extra cost.


How do you choose the perfect one for you? If there is a chakra you wish to strengthen, choose that one. If you wish to work on all your chakras, then get the whole set.

Colors may change with each batch due to the variety of herbs and flowers. Prices are subject to change without notice. Wholesale information is available upon request.

The plants used within all Alywillow products should be considered alive as they have been carefully handled and processed to ensure the highest potency possible. They are most effective and will last longer when they are maintain in an environment from 50-76 degrees with normal humidity. If the temperatures or humidity are too low or too high, it can shorted the life of your product or in some cases, complete destroy the therapeutic properties. Please treat them like baby plants and take care!