Wildwood Plant Formula

IMG_6512If you like lemony smells – you’re going to love this!  This powerful formula is made of 9 plants, including lemongrass and geranium, to help clear your skin and keep it that way.

It’s especially great at helping normalizing skin types and those lemo-alywillowsuffering from dry itchy skin are thrilled when their skin becomes soft and supple again.  It’s also gentle enough for those with sensitive skin.

For the best therapeutic results, use the Wildwood Soap and Moisturizer on your whole body.

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Here are a few benefits of the Wildwood Formula:

CLEAR SKIN – This formula helps reduce breakouts and helps get rid of dry, itchy skin. Even flaky skin can be greatly relieved.

ECZEMA – If you have eczema, this formula is the faster and most effective for most people. In just under 2 weeks people usually experience a clearing of their eczema issues.  Regular use normally prevents the return of this irritating condition.  Also, it’s good to know that for about 5-10% of people, we’ve noticed the Warrior formula is more effective.

PSORIASIS – You can read the comments from our clients to see how much this formula has helped clear psoriasis issues. It takes several months, but this formula will help heal the skin faster and helps prevent scarring. Also, if you’re using this formula, you’ll probably experience fewer outbreaks.

cedarw-alywillowCELLULITE – Once of the plants used in this formula is cedarwood which is known to oxygenate at the cellular level promoting circulation, reduce high blood pressure and reduce toxins. Using gentle exfoliation (on areas with cellulite) with your Wildwood soap will help reduce cellulite faster and improve circulation. Getting plenty of physical movement every daily will also greatly improve your results.

DETOX –  The Wildwood Formula has a natural detoxing effect on your body. This gentle effect will reduce toxicity and help balance your pH levels… giving you more energy, reduced anxiety and help relieve depression.

DANDRUFF – Using the Wildwood Shampoo helps relieve dandruff in as little as two weeks and it does it with no chemicals.  In fact, the plants in the Wildwood formula will help normalize the skin’s ability to produce it’s natural oils – eliminating the dandruff completely. However,  please understand your scalp is too sensitive for commercial shampoos.  Instead, continue using the Wildwood Shampoo or switch to another shampoo made of plants and no chemicals.

OTHER BENEFITS – The plants in this formula are also known to help relieve constipation, hypertension, indigestion, stress and pain. These plants have been used traditionally to support the circulatory and nervous systems, a great deal of their strength lies in its ability to revitalize body tissues. They’re also known to help regenerate cellular tissue meaning they can help repair torn ligaments, tendons and cartilage faster. Yes, they  help with acne, anxiety, eczema, skin care and wounds. Their also known as a great lymph decongestant – for healthier skin, hair and body.

geran-alywillowWE LOVE GERANIUM –  Used traditionally to support the circulatory and nervous systems, a great deal of its strength lies in its ability to revitalize body tissues. It is widely used as an element in aromatherapy for its many health benefits, including its ability to balance hormones, relieve stress and depression, reduce inflammation and irritation, improve the health of the skin, alleviate the effects of menopause, improve circulation, benefit dental health, boost kidney health, and reduce blood pressure.

Choose the following products:

Many people use this formula because they love the smell, however, just as many people use this formula to help keep their skin and everyone can use the Wildwood Formula, except those who are pregnant or epileptic.

SHAMPOO & BODY WASH – Enjoy this foaming organic wash –  it’s great for your hair, hands and whole body!  It’s gentle enough for those with sensitive skin and contains all the benefits of the Wildwood Formula. Those suffering from dandruff will be especially happy about the results of this Shampoo.

alywillow soapsMOISTURIZING SOAP  –  This is very moisturizing soap and great for sensitive skin. In fact, it’s probably one of the safest cleansers you’ve ever used on your body. It’s safe from head to toe and comes in a natural green color that also comes from plants (there are no artificial colors, fragrances or anything else artificial).   😉

It’s made with vegetable glycerin (instead of animal glycerin) helping us keep the soaps completely vegan and when we say it’s made from plants, every single ingredient come from plants.

It contains 9 therapeutic plants and all soaps come with a new facial scrubby (also made from plants).   Please make sure you allow your scrubby and soap to dry out in between uses and they will last and last!

CHOOSE Your MOISTURIZER  –  The Spray Moisturizer is best for most people, however, if your skin is very dry, cracked or thin (and tearing), choose the Creme Moisturizer (Body Butter) instead.

IMG_1148[1]SPRAY MOISTURIZER – 8 ounces of a light moisturizer for all over body use.   The base is a coconut oil with aloe vera and the Wildwood Formula is then added. There is no alcohol, water or artificial ingredients and it is very effective!   Use only one or two squirts for your whole arm.   Also, the fine mist nozzle means only a small amount comes out each time, so most people go through 2-3 bars of soap before finishing a bottle of this moisturizer.   Also, it doesn’t block your pores, so your skin continues to breathe and stays moisturized all day long.

bodybutterBODY BUTTER – an intense creme moisturizer made especially for extra dry skin.   A pea size amount is usually enough for both hands.   Using such a small amount each time means this moisturizer will last you a long time.   This product is extra creamy and very powerful.

If your skin cracks it will help heal the cracks. If it tears easily, it will nourish it and eventually help it become stronger and healthy.   If your skin is chapped, this will relieve the pain and by using a small amount in the morning, you can usually avoid it getting chapped again.   Also, it doesn’t block your pores, so your skin continues to breathe and stays moisturized all day long.

body spraysBODY & AIR FRESHENER:  I originally made these sprays because commercial air fresheners and body sprays made it really difficult for me to breathe. However, these sprays are different. They are made completely of plants, very light and fresh smelling and it’s extra easy to breathe them.  You can literally spray them directly in your face and still breathe normally.

Use them in your kitchen, to freshen your home, in your linen closet, to brighten your office or car, and so many other places.

The Wildwood Body and Air Freshener is especially helpful as it is great at repelling insects, including mosquitoes. It’s effective without using dangerous ingredients, because the ingredients are pure plants.

Please respect your Alywillow products. They are made with plants containing life essence and should be treated like baby plants. They will last longer and be more effective when maintained at temperatures between 45-76 degrees.


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