Minty Relief Formula

min2This minty formula, made of 14 plants, is powerful!  Just one whiff and you’ll see why it’s so invigorating!

“I started using the Minty Relief (moisturizer) for my rheumatoid arthritis about a year ago. After using the soap and moisturizing spray daily, I no longer use any oral pain relief. My hip pain, knee pain and hands can now move without constant pain. I recommend this to anyone!  Thank you so much Alywillow.”  ~ Sally


Alywillow pain reliever Minty ReliefBenefits of the Minty Relief Formula:

You’ll enjoy bathing with this soap in the mornings as it helps open your sinuses and restore your clarity.

ankeIt has natural anti-inflammatory properties and the complexity of this formula adds to it’s strength and effectiveness as a natural pain reliever. It’s extremely helpful for those suffering from arthritis, carpal tunnel, back pain, sore muscles, bursitis, backache, stiff neck, joint pains, muscle pains and other chronic pains.

These plants are also known to improve circulation,  increase mental focus and enhance memory helping you prepare for your day with increased vigor, clarity, and a feeling of more spontaneous freedom. (It’s love from the plants.)

This formula is also helpful in speeding up the healing of connective tissue injuries and is powerful at reducing bruising. In fact, our marketing director dropped a concrete block on her foot one night and within minutes her foot started turning black.  She applied the Minty Relief formula for the next two hours and all pain and the discoloration went away.  We were all a bit amazed at it’s effectiveness (and a bit annoyed we didn’t video tape it)! Who knew it was that great?!

spinWell, I did!  I started developing it when I suffered from a broken back many years ago. My goal was to stop using the pharmaceutical pain pills and over the years I found this formula is great at reducing many kinds of pain and inflammation.

This is the most complex of the Alywillow formulas – and for good reason!  It’s a blend of 14 plants that can replace many oral pain relievers.  You just apply it to the painful area and wait 5-10 minutes.

wintergreWINTERGREEN… When I was learning to wild harvest plants in the mountains of Virginia, the first thing the old man showed me to was a vast patch of these small little treasures near the forest floor. I instantly fell in love with this fresh little plant! You can pick the berries and eat them right there… yummy.  Of course the leaves are great in a hot tea and the health benefits are numerous.  One of the best known benefits is the pain relief and natural anti-inflammatory properties, which is why I’ve included it in the Minty Relief Formula.


Choose the following products:

Many people use this formula because they love the smell, however, just as many people use this formula to help keep their skin soft and everyone can use the Minty Relief Formula, except those who are pregnant or epileptic.  I personally believe this formula makes my skin feel softer than all the other formulas.

minty7MOISTURIZING SOAP  –  This is very moisturizing soap and great for sensitive skin. In fact, it’s probably one of the safest cleansers you’ve ever used on your body. It’s safe from head to toe and comes in a natural blue color that also comes from plants (there are no artificial colors, fragrances or anything else artificial).   ;)  It’s made with vegetable glycerin (instead of animal glycerin) helping us keep the soaps completely vegan and when we say it’s made from plants, every single ingredient come from plants. It contains 14 therapeutic plants and all soaps come with a new facial scrubby (also made from plants).   Please make sure you allow your scrubby and soap to dry out in between uses and they will last and last! You can also choose the liquid soap…. UPSIDE-DOWN CLEANSER. It is also made of pure plants and give you extra soft skin with anti-inflammatory properties.

CHOOSE Your MOISTURIZER  –  The Spray Moisturizer is best for most people, however, if your skin is very dry, cracked or thin (and tearing), choose the Creme Moisturizer (Body Butter) instead.

minty6SPRAY MOISTURIZER  (Level 3) – 8 ounces of a light moisturizer for all over body use.   The base is a coconut oil with aloe vera and the Minty Relief Formula is then added. There is no alcohol, water or artificial ingredients and it is very effective!   Use only one or two squirts for your whole arm.   Also, the fine mist nozzle means only a small amount comes out each time, so most people go through 2-3 bars of soap before finishing a bottle of this moisturizer.   Also, it doesn’t block your pores, so your skin continues to breathe and stays moisturized all day long.

minty9BODY BUTTER (Level 5) – an intense creme moisturizer made especially for extra dry skin.   A pea size amount is usually enough for both hands.   Using such a small amount each time means this moisturizer will last you a long time.   This product is extra creamy and very powerful. If your skin cracks it will help heal the cracks. If it tears easily, it will nourish it and eventually help it become stronger and healthy.   If your skin is chapped, this will relieve the pain and by using a small amount in the morning, you can usually avoid it getting chapped again.   Also, it doesn’t block your pores, so your skin continues to breathe and stays moisturized all day long.

Please respect your Alywillow products. They are made with plants containing life essence and should be treated like baby plants. They will last longer and be more effective when maintained at temperatures between 45-76 degrees.


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