Lavender Fields Plant Formula

LAVENDER FIELDS is a pleasant smell for everyone as the Frankincense offers a strong base scent to carry the other plants for a full balanced experienced. These plants are known to calm through the nervous, muscular and cardiovascular systems. Designed with 9 medicinal plants (including Frankincense, Lavender, and Marjoram) to help relax and calm the body and mind. These plants help support healthy gland function, aid in smooth digestion, and as a natural muscle relaxer for hundreds of years. This formula also calms through the nervous and cardiovascular systems.

Products containing the Lavender Fields Formula are made to be safe and gentle for your body. Many people with sensitive skin thoroughly enjoy this formula. We are especially focused on safety. This formula has an Alywillow “Therapeutic” Grade. Meaning it has been formulated to be safe for everyday use by children ages 7 to adult (more details below). You can use them every day, on all parts of the body, including your face and the more intimate feminine areas. Essential oils incorporated in our formulas are the highest grade possible and Alywillow’s safety standards meet and exceed international standards.


“After using our favorite products of Lavender Fields and Warrior (formulas) in our shower and moisturizers, my husband and I feel better. Hard to describe BETTER! We love BETTER. Total new feeling for us!!!” T Forence, Raleigh, NC ***


ANTI-AGING – these plants are also known to help reduce fine lines and wrinkles.

FRANKINCENSE – History tells us Frankincense helps balance pH levels, prevents breakouts, and according to recent studies, it may be able to identify damage within a cell and reset (at the DNA level) proper cellular structure. It’s been used for thousands of years for its healing effects on the body. The Ancient Sumerians said it heals the body and even the ancient Egyptians claimed it made you live longer and look younger. It’s also known to restore mental clarity.

HEALTHY GLANDS – these plants support healthy gland function.

DIGESTION – aids in smooth digestion.

LAVENDER – One of the best-known plants of our era, Lavender is calming and restorative. It gives you soft skin and can calm the body dramatically.

MUSCLE RELAXER – marjoram has been used as a natural muscle relaxer for hundreds of years.



Alywillow products are noticeably different from anything you have ever tried before. They are not just natural; they are pure plants. They contain no lye, no charcoal, and no artificial ingredients. Even the colors and smells come from plants! They don’t cause problems. Instead, they CLEAR and MOISTURIZE your skin.

BAR SOAPS: Our Bar Soaps lather nicely and are safe for full body hygiene. They gently cleanse, help balance your pH levels, and are soothing to irritated skin. You can wash your whole body, your face, and even your scalp. Lather up for shaving, and you’ll have extra smooth skin. They even contain plants to help your razors last longer. Alywillow soap bars are a hefty 4.8 ounces, and when used every day in the shower they will last about a month. Although, many customers claim their Alywillow soaps last much longer. Alywillow soaps are made purely of plants: organic palm oil, organic coconut oil, vegetable glycerin, sorbitol (from berries), (therapeutic and organic) essential oils and lots of herbs. Each bar comes with a FREE FACIAL LOOFAH, which doubles as a drying pad. (4.8oz)

LIQUID SOAPS: Our Upside-Down Cleansers are liquid body washes and shampoos. Made of pure plants and contain no artificial ingredients. To blend the plants, you just flip the bottle upside down before using. Our Upside-Down Cleansers are free of sulfates and will not lather as much as you are accustomed. However, they are gentle cleansers, are great for your scalp, your body, and safe for your facial needs too. If using on your scalp, just one or two squirts is required, massage the scalp well, and rinse your hair thoroughly. (Follow up with our leave-in conditioning moisturizer – Shimmer) (8oz)

SPRAY MOISTURIZER: This is a full body moisturizer and is easy to apply. There are no chemicals, only plants, so you must shake the bottle to blend the plants. Shake well, spray into your hand, and then spread across your skin. Your skin will absorb this moisturizer quickly, and it will not leave a greasy feeling. They are powerful, concentrated moisturizers, and one squirt will usually cover an entire arm. It sinks into your skin without leaving a residue, yet, your skin will stay healthy and soft all day. Most moisturizers should only be used after a shower, because, they “seal in” moisture. Alywillow moisturizers go into your skin and will continue to draw moisture from the air for many hours enabling your skin to stay more hydrated. Thankfully, you can use them anytime. (8oz)

BODY BUTTER MOISTURIZER: Our creamy Body Butters are highly concentrated moisturizers designed for skin so dry it breaks and cracks, yet, they are also safe for your face. Their effectiveness is impressive on even the driest skin! Only a dab is needed, meaning your jar will last a while. It has a two-year lifespan, so don’t wait too long. Massage well into the skin, and it will not leave a greasy feeling. The base is organic shea butter, and organic cold pressed coconut oil, heated and blended to perfection. Then, we mix in our custom therapeutic, medicinal, and elemental formulas. Alywillow Body Butters are full body moisturizers made with 100% therapeutic and organic ingredients. (4oz)

SPRITZER: These very light sprays can be used in your home or on your body. Most people are not allergic to these smells as all scents are from the therapeutic plants, not chemicals or perfumes. Mixed in a water base with Therapeutic and Medicinal essential oils, they are excellent for a linen closet, office or other small enclosed area to bring a fresh scent. You can spray these directly on your clothing or even breathe the vapors for more mental stability. (8oz)