Baby Plant Formulas

Alywillow Baby Soaps are extremely gentle and are suitable and safe for everyday use by babies and children up to age 7. They contain the same essential oil formula as their therapeutic counterparts, but the content of the formula has been greatly reduced to ensure safety for even the newest of babies!

  • Baby Warrior – Excellent for diaper rash, helps to clear infection and fight germs
  • Baby Wildwood – Excellent for dandruff, cradle cap, eczema, fungal, itchy, or bumpy skin issues.
  • Baby Lavender Fields – Calming, relaxing, stabilizing
  • A loofah pad is included with each bar of soap. Please place the soap on the loofah and allow it to dry between uses. Do not  use the loofah pad on your baby’s skin
  • You can wash baby (and nursing moms) from head to toe, even their hair! This is probably the safest, purest soap you have ever used.
  • Soap can be used directly on skin to lather. If you would like to use a washcloth, do so after applying the soap both to preserve your bar and also to prevent waste in lathering the washcloth.
  • Always avoid the eyes.
  • Naturally moisturizing – will not dry out skin
  • Can help balance the pH of the skin
  • No lye, charcoal or anything to damage skin

“We now use the Sweet Magic (spritzer) in our baby girls room and everyone loves it!  Thank you thank you thank you. Loyal customer for life here!” – Alli Kolb (Etsy)  03/26/17


Pregnant or nursing women and children (including babies) can use some Therapeutic grade products for a maximum of two weeks if needed for a very specific and severe purpose.

“The Warrior Therapeutic Body Butter eliminates my baby’s diaper rash in less than 2 hours. It’s almost like a miracle! Unbelievable!” Susan P.

  • Our baby products are not tear-free.  In order to achieve that status, it would be necessary to add synthetic chemicals and we are a pure plant company. We do not use synthetic chemicals in any of our products. For this reason, you should always avoid baby’s eyes.
  • If your baby’s skin is hyper-sensitive, please use our UNSCENTED products instead.
  • Do not consume these products.
  • Always rinse the soap from the hair and body.