Power Up Your Life

PowerUpLife-square (5)We are electrical beings and our emotions and feelings are legitimate experiences that deserve our attention.  The energy of our emotions pump through our bodies like water flows through a hose. Lower patterns of depression, fear, doubt, worry, anxiety, and stress can create kinks and knots that slow or stop the energy flow of your body, thus, limiting your ability to function or heal.

Sometimes our emotions create energy patterns in the body that leave you feeling weak, tired, or dizzy. These emotions can cause headaches, high blood pressure, eating disorders, heart attacks, and strokes.

Do you want a happier life?

It’s only a 2 hour course… and can help improve the rest of your life.

Aliya Trinity is the founder and CEO of Alywillow Organics. She has traveled the country sharing these techniques,  spent over 20 years studying plant medicine, founded a  yoga school in NC, is a Native American medicine woman, and and is focused on bringing natural alternatives into mainstream culture. She is dedicated to improving the  lives of others thru sustainable and permaculture options.

She will teach you, as her ancestors taught her, a specific practice to balance the flow of energy through your body. You will learn how to quickly regain your inner peace in the times of turmoil, how to deal with daily challenges with more ease, how to establish a healthier emotional response, and how to consciously regulate your body’s responses thru quickly balancing your energy pattern.

You can call it chi, vortexes, pumps, or chakras, it doesn’t really matter. In this special event Aliya Trinity shares powerful secrets empowering you with more stability, methods to restore your inner joy, and ways to regain balance in the midst of difficult situations.

Although the course is 2 hours, the actual technique only takes about 10 seconds to perform, which means, it’s easy to incorporate into your day – as many times as you desire.  Every time you become distraught, angry, frustrated, irritated, annoyed, hurt, sad, depressed, anxious – just do this little 10 second technique and it will CHANGE YOUR LIFE!

STOP LIVING ON DEFAULT – and take responsibility for yourself!

Share the gift of knowledge with your friends, or bring them with you!

  • WHEN: Tuesday, October 24 (7-9pm). $20
  • WHERE: Alywillow – 5301 Hillsborough Street, Raleigh, NC 27606
  • RESERVATIONS:  go to ALYWILLOW’S FACEBOOK page or contact us… 919-446-4826.
  • OTHER OPTIONS: Interested, but unable to make the seminar? Ask for the next available date. Also, Aliya offers private sessions.