Loving my new Essential Oil Diffuser

Our first shipment of diffusers has arrived and I’m so excited! After 20 years of wonderful aromas filling my home, the death of my essential oil diffuser was no small thing. I wasn’t sure a suitable replacement would ever be found! Many of the new diffusers seem so proud of their 4 and 6 hour run times. Please, I expect better than that!

12 hours of continuous run time!
12 hours of continuous run time and a quiet motor – what could be better than that! 🙂

Then, I found a new friend in this little round ball. And get this….it has 12 hours of continuous run time! It keeps going all day or night and you don’t have to fiddle with it! It’s so easy!

You can also preset 1-3 hours and it will turn off automatically.

And, it’s QUIET.  This motor is like a whisper, so, it lives right next to my bed. Although, I don’t normally have any trouble sleeping, adding 5 drops of marjoram, lavender or frankincense,  will help you sleep so much better.

It’s my preference to sleep with the lights turned off, but it has the cool rotating light display and my son can choose his favorite color at night for a nightlight.

It has surpassed my expectations and starting this week, Alywillow is offering the Eterniti model, a BPA free diffuser created by Greenair.  I’m going to add one to my office and one to the family room too!

IMG_5750Diffusing essential oils is one of the most enjoyable ways to use your essential oils. It allows you to safely incorporate many of the physical, emotional and psychological advantages of essential oils in a way that you control and personalize.

To help you enjoy it to it’s fullest, we are also listing our most requested essential oils in our etsy store… https://www.etsy.com/listing/292680595/therapeutic-grade-essential-oils-steam

These are the same essential oils we use to make all our skin care and spa products. Since we order them in large quantities, we get them at great prices and are able to pass this savings on to you.

Alywillow Sweet Orange Essential Oil
Sweet Orange Essential Oil

Therapeutic grade, steam distilled (citrus oils are pressed), and processed in a sterile environment – our essential oils are powerful and effective. The best of the best!

Each bottle contains 1/2 ounce (approximately 300 drops), so they will last and last.

You will find the diffuser listed with the essential oils or come see us at the Alywillow Outlet Center (every Saturday or Sunday at the Raleigh Flea Market on the NC Fairgrounds) or contact us (via phone 919-446-4826 or email alywilloworganics@gmail.com) and we’ll ship one out to you asap! Contact Us NOW

It makes a great Mother’s Day Gift – just in time for this weekend!

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Alywillow essential oil diffuser

Alywillow essential oil diffuser

12 Hour Run Time Eterniti Essential Oil Diffuser || Physical, Emotional & Psychological Advantages || Therapeutic Grade || Quiet Motor || Rotating Color Display || Manual Operations Settings