Alywillow FortifyThis vegan formula is created of therapeutic grade essential oils that help disinfect your environment, release ticks, combat infections, stimulate massage and more…

“That’s the best stuff for the flu. It worked better than antibiotics this time.” April Barton, Tennessee

The plants contained within this formula have been noted for their anti-bacterial, anti-viral, antiseptic and anti-catarrhyal properties while stimulating the immune system, circulation and the respiratory system. It also has a powerful kill rate against airborne bacteria when diffused.

The origin of this formula comes from the story of the Four Thieves…. Perfumers by day, robbers by night, these four men made a concoction of herbs in a base of vinegar and would douse their body with this before they went our plundering! They had a pretty good track record of stealing riches until the King found out and captured them, forcing them to give up their secret weapon against the plague. The original herbal ingredients were wormwood, meadowsweet, juniper berries, rosemary, camphor, sage, cinnamon and cloves in a base of white wine vinegar.

Here are some ways to use your Alywillow’s FORTIFY Plant Serum…..

Cleanse the air… Diffuse for short periods of time (1/2 hour or less) in the work or home environment. Just put a few drops in hot water allowing the vapors to be released.

Stimulating massage… Dilute a few drops into one of the moisturizers for a stimulating massage under the arms and on the chest at the base of the neck.

To combat infections… Dilute a 8 drops into a teaspoon of one of our moisturizers and apply to the bottom of the feet. Repeat every 4-6 hours.

To remove ticks… just a few drops on a tick will cause them to release and let go – head and all!

Earache Remedy… There are two different ways to apply FORTIFY Plant Serum for an earache remedy. Remember, never put this directly in the ear canal, and, if an earache persists, get the medical attention you need. Swab: Dilute 2-3 drops of essential oil 4-6 drops of olive oil. Swab the area around the opening of the ear, the outside part of the ear, and the ear lobe. Cotton Ball: Put 2-3 drops of diluted essential oil on a piece of cotton and place it over the ear opening and leave it overnight. Additional relief may be found applying a warm compress over the ear.

Alywillow Plant Serums are concentrated plant essences to help restore your healthy body. Please do not ingest them orally and if you have any concerns, ask your doctor.

This blend if very strong and made with 100% therapeutic grade essential oils. Please do not apply it directly to your skin. If you do wish to use it on your skin, add a few drops to a carrier oil, such as olive oil or almond oil.

FORTIFY Plant Serum (.5 fl oz/15 ml) has approximately 300 drops.