Easily Remove Ticks with FORTIFY

Worried about tick bites?  Essential oils offer a powerful weapon against those little pests.


REMOVING A TICK safely and easily

Our FORTIFY PLANT SERUM makes it easy to remove a tick. Just put a drop on it and wait a minute. You’ll easily be able to remove it. Also, apply a drop to the bite area every day for the next 2-3 days to help kill the infection.

Alywillow Fortify Plant SermAlywillow’s FORTIFY PLANT SERUM is in a 1/2 fl oz bottle with approximately 300 drops. It can help fight infection, stop the sting of a bee, disinfects countertops, fight off colds and so much more. Every bottle comes with a flyer explaining many different ways to use it and you can see more in the online store at… https://www.etsy.com/…/fortify-plant-serum-helps-fight-bact…

Alywillow Warrior FormulaA good thing to remember….

If you are concerned about long term damage to your nervous system, apply therapeutic grade Frankincense essential oil to the area or use the soaps and moisturizers in our Warrior Formula. They are packed full of great plants (including Frankincense) designed to protect your body.

DETERRING TICKS and keeping them away

Alywillow teatreeTo deter ticks  add 4 ml of Tea Tree Therapeutic Essential Oil and 4 ounces of water to a spray bottle. Then spray your shoes and clothing before you go into tick infested areas.  We have therapeutic grade Tea Tree Essential Oil and spray bottles at our booth in Raleigh – or call/email me if you want to have them shipped to you.

Alywillow in Raleigh

 Be Prepared and Safe

Since there’s always the potential a tick could pass you a nasty problem, if you are bit, it’s a good idea to save the tick. We put them between two pieces of tape with the name of the person in the family that was bit and the date we removed it. Then, they are deposited into the glass jar (with a tight lid) marked ‘TICKS’ for future reference (hopefully, they’ll never be needed).


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