A Manual for Life

manualforlife-smallThis course is for those who are depressed, stressed out, full of anxiety, or just wish to understand more about enjoying a beautiful life experience.

Receiving the information in this course is like getting a manual for life, enabling you to enjoy every moment with more inner peace and beauty!

We are going to cover the following topics and many more:

  • How do you stabilize your inner peace during times of turmoil?
  • How do you regain your flow in life, your joy, your passion, your delight?
  • How do you power up with strength and endurance to make it through the tough situations in life.
  • How do you heal the heart, learn to forgive, and love yourself? How do you forgive the unforgivable?
  • How do you eliminate depression and feelings of worthlessness?
  • How do you minimize the effects of stress and anxiety?
  • How do you learn to speak your truth and to hear with greater discernment?
  • How do you see with clearer insight and more perspective?
  • How do you open up your heart and soul to enjoy a more Divine connection?

This class is about learning to align the energy of the body and to strengthen them when they are weak. It empowers you to a greater, brighter future and more knowledge on how to get through the obstacles of life with much more ease. 

Since so much of this course is based on energy, and understanding energy, we will also teach you how to see the auras surrounding the body. This part of the course has been taught around the country and Aliya quickly realized that everyone can see auras if they are given some simple directions.

The goal of this series is to empower you in the understandings of how the energy of your body, mind, and spirit are linked to everything around you. In this knowing, you can become a stronger, more powerful person. This eight hour workshop or  four-week series is an expanded version of the Power-Up Class focused on helping you become more effective in cleansing, balancing, and powering up your life.

The information is this class has been received as a sacred gift by Aliya Trinity, founder of Alywillow, from her ancestors. It is powerful information that doesn’t come from a text book, but from understanding the energy flow of the body and it’s connection to our emotional centers, our nervous system, and the overall functioning of the human body.

Practicing what you learn can make life easier, enabling you to endure the situations with more grace. Understanding how to shift your energies can calm emotional roller-coasters and as you become more balanced, many imbalances will melt away. For this reason, many people experience less physical pain, including headaches, phantom pains, menstrual pains, etc…


COST:  $165 per person or 2/$245.  Reserve your space in advance. Call 919-446-4826 or email us.

LOCATION:   Alywillow, 5301 Hillsborough St., Raleigh, NC 27606.

It is recommended you attend Aliya’s Power-Up Class at least once prior to attending this series. Private Sessions with Aliya are available only for those who have taken her State of Grace or Manual for Life workshops.