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AlywillowOpenHouseParty3 (1)Open House Holiday Party – FREE 

Come sample new products!  We will be giving away over $1000 in free giveaways!  We are also introducing our community outreach and volunteer programs and would love if you would share your Alywillow story! Presentations and Updates on our new products!  We are using scenes from this Open House Party to create our next commercial. It would be lovely if you would give your LIVE review of our products while the filming crew is here. Also, there will be lots of Gift Sets for all your friends and family the holiday season… and so much more!  Be here early for the “Early Bird Bonus” at 6pm!  November 30 (6-9pm). See more info and RSVP on Facebook.


Last day for shipping Christmas orders is December 19, 2017. Please place your orders in advance.

SmudgingCeremony-sm-72SMUDGING CEREMONY – DECEMBER 30 & 31

A great way to end one year and bring in the new year! Join Aliya Trinity in this Native American ritual of burning sage, sweetgrass, cedar, and sacred tobacco for repelling negativity, releasing the old, healing emotional wounds, purifying, and claiming the good. A focus on clarity and purpose for our new year as well as understanding safe boundaries and establishing healthy relationships. Connecting to our environment for emotional wellbeing and choosing more conscious living patterns to restore the laughter of your heart.   Choose Saturday, December 30 (10am-12pm) or Sunday, December 31, 2017 (10am-12pm). Cost: 1/$20 or 2/$30. Please RSVP on Facebook. 


ManualForLife-square (1)A Manual for Life

This course is for anyone who wishes to understand more about enjoying a beautiful life experience. It is a full-day event dedicated to sharing the secrets of your energy fields as well as the paths of releasing and manifestation. This helps you stabilize your inner peace regardless of your surroundings. It also helps you regain your flow of life, your joy, your passion, and your delight. As the effects of stress lessen, depression loses its strength, feelings of worthlessness fade away, forgiveness becomes attainable, and joy is your best friend. You gain strength of heart and soul. Confidence in your life and direction in your purpose.  Saturday, JANUARY 6, 2018 (9-5pm).  See more info and RSVP on Facebook. 2 HOUR $20, FULL DAY $95

Essential Oil Safety alywillowEssential Oil Safety Seminar

Updated medical and scientific knowledge to equip you with valuable information to help you keep safe and bypass the dangers so you can enjoy the benefits of essential oils.  Saturday, JANUARY 20, 2018  (10-12noon).  See more info and RSVP on Facebook. THIS EVENT IS FREE.

Ladies Night OutLadiesNightOut-square

Come play with Alywillow products in this fun night with special treats and delights! We are releasing NEW perfumes, lipsticks, eye cream, and more!  We’ll all be doing ANTI-AGING and ANTI-ACNE facials and talking about aphrodisiacs.  Bring your friends and have fun together… the more friends, the more bonuses!  Friday, January 26th (6-9pm). See more info and RSVP on Facebook. This event is FREE!


Upcoming events…. dates to be announced.

Master T.O.’s Self-Defense Seminar

Master T.O. is a martial arts expert of over 40 years and holds three different black belts in three different styles. He is a true master of knowledge and is normally only available for private sessions. This is the last 2-hour seminar he will offer for this year at Alywillow. It’s a special treat to be able to learn from him at such a great price! He will discuss the following safety tips regarding street smarts, traveling, dating, robberies, carjackings, home safety and more. 

State of Grace Series

Our culture teaches you to keep your mind turned on. What if you could turn it off and on, at your will? In this way, it becomes your tool, not your master. This is normally four-week series and has been converted into a one-day workshop with Aliya Trinity.  November 11 (9-6pm).  See more info and RSVP on Facebook.

Aliya Speaks — coming soon!

Each month Aliya will share a plethora of information and guidance. A natural born seer, prophet, and bridge between dimensions, she pulls upon a lifetime of experience, her ancestors, Divine guides, and Earth wisdom to answer your questions and help you discover more of who you truly are. “Wisdom is the principal thing; therefore get wisdom; and with all thy getting, get understanding.” Proverbs 1:54

  • Discover your sacred tree.
  • Learn the art of protecting and cleansing through smudging, a Native American tradition.
  • Emergency Protection Fields
  • Clearing Negativity
  • Interpreting dreams
  • Powerful prayer
  • Touching the Divine
  • Healing Light
  • Moving energies
  • Connecting to our natural environment
  • Harmonizing your Physical and Spiritual Lives