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Yes, Our Products Are Naturally Therapeutic

Many plants are well known for their incredible properties and when we include pure essence of those plants into our products, your body reaps the benefits.

For instance,  Clove is an unusually powerful antioxidant. As an essential oil, clove’s ORAC (Oxygen Radical Absorption Capacity) rating soars to over 10 million! Most other antioxidants are rated in the tens of thousands to a maximum of a few hundred thousand at best – nothing is even close to Clove.  Producing the oil from clove buds concentrates clove’s eugenol, the main active ingredient of clove. This means clove acts as an effective anti-inflammatory and it is also a great anti-fungal, recommended by many who treat candida, ringworm and athlete’s foot.  Clove is also one of the components of the Alywillow Warrior soap, massage oil and body spray and now you know why our Warrior blend is so popular.

Please let us know how you’re using your Alywillow products and the effects you are having. We love to hear your stories and we’ll try to get them posted here asap!


Warrior Massage Oil Dries Up Shingle Blisters

Have you ever heard of shingle blisters drying up overnight? It normally takes 30 days or so, however, April had her’s disappear overnight.  Here’s her first hand account of the experience with the Warrior Massage Oil.

“HI!  Did you know that your WARRIOR body rub clears up shingles blisters? I mean dries up the blisters, over night.

I gave it a try Monday night when I noticed the blisters had popped up around my lip … scrubbed them with the warrior soap and the loofah (since it said anti-viral) to see if I could bust the blisters and drain them … but it didn’t work … so I rubbed the oil on it, and in the morning, blisters were dried up and just have a little patch of dryness there now.

Here’s is what I notice as being SIGNIFICANTLY different…

The blisters (approx. 8 small ones clustered together) had my lip swollen – I scrubbed them as I said, and they just felt MOIST but the  loofah surprisingly had not scraped the head of the blister off.  So, I applied the oil to the blisters and my whole lip. In the morning … the blisters were dried up FLAT – and the scab of dryness is also FLAT – that is weird for me because usually the blisters once dried up still have swelling and the scabbing is bumpy and hard. this isn’t AT ALL. As well, the oil numbed the pain – as if I had put capsacian on it … in fact, once the pain in my lip was gone, the pain that had been in my teeth (nerve pain) was also gone ….

(Normally), when I get a shingles outbreak … the blisters if I don’t do some seriously gross and painful intervention with a razor blade, rubbing alcohol, and cayenne pepper paste I make – usually take about 2 1/2 weeks to dry up on their own – but I can’t wait that long – because my shingles only pop up on the nerves along my left sinus cavity – the pain is in my head, face, teeth, ears, neck – I can’t take that kind of intense pain for 2 1/2 weeks, so I’ve usually tried to intervene – but then the scabbing that comes with my intervention is pretty gross, and I get scarring, and the scab usually takes about 3 weeks to finally go away. Now, all anyone can see is a little red dry patch at the top left corner of my mouth, which I could EASILY cover with lipstick if I wanted to. So in 36 hours pain was GONE, NO draining blisters, no puffy swollen lips, and no hard itchy scab that takes FOREVER to go away.

VERY REMARKABLE –   I’m kinda in love and wanted to ask you about your skin care.”

~ April S. of Durham, NC


Your products are amazing! 🙂
Hi Aliya!
I stopped by your booth with my girlfriend, Heather, a couple weekends ago at the Raleigh Flea Market. We purchased the soaps and moisturizers and couldn’t be happier! Heather’s moisturizer has helped a lot with the pain in her back, and I have noticed a tremendous difference with my face. I always had a problem of oily skin from other moisturizers, but your skin care has worked wonders for me! I feel moisturized and smooth without being oily. I didn’t know it was possible!
You’ve definitely won a loyal customer, and I’m looking forward to trying out the shampoo you mentioned you’re working on!
Have a wonderful day,
Jenna 🙂
(I believe Jenna is using the Wildwood Formula. I specifically blended it to help balance all skin types (normal and oily) as it has components that help regulate the amount of sebum (skin oils) your skin produces.)
Purchased at Raleigh Flea Market
Hello!  I was at the Flea Market with my girlfriend a couple weekends ago, and we were super excited to see you had [almost] all vegan products 🙂 We were the people who asked a million questions. I wanted the soap either way, as I needed new soap – the moisturizer I didn’t plan on. I was skeptical about it, seeing as I’d tried numerous things for my back pain. I had an accident on horseback when I was 11, and ever since I have chronic lower back pain. It keeps me up many nights, it’s given me horrible posture, and makes it hard to focus some days. I wanted to wait a couple weeks to make sure it wasn’t all in my head, but man the Minty Relief Moisturizer sure did WORK. My back feels GREAT. Ultimately, it indeed is not solving the problem, only medical care will be able to do that, if possible, but this is wonderful to not be hurting constantly every day. Thank you so much, and I will be getting your products on a fairly regular basis.  I checked the ingredients in my shampoo. Jeez. I look forward to your shampoo being released!
(I agree with Heather – my back feels great! I originally created the Minty Relief Moisturizer to help relieve the pain in my back from the injury I suffered in 2007. Since then I have used it to eliminate the pain of bursitis, swollen feet and sore muscles. Others have told me they’ve received pain relief from arthritis, carpal tunnel and a myriad of other aches and pains in the body.)
What do you suggest?
I bought some of your products while in Raleigh this past weekend for my husband who has bad flaking on both sides of his head. We’ll let me tell you!!! He has used it twice day while showering and his head is 98% better. Also the rest of his body feels great too. Also he’s had dry skin on legs an all of that seems great too. So now I need your suggestion on what to use for my granddaughter. Also would you please send me one of your catalogs.
Thanks so much,
Gloria H
(When her husband started using the Wildwood Soap and Spray Moisturizer, he had been suffering from Eczema for many years. In response to her question, I suggested their granddaughter use the Lemon Laughs Soap to clear her acne. Three weeks later they drove down from Virginia Beach to Raleigh, NC to get more Alywillow products – there were no more signs of eczema and the granddaughter’s acne had cleared too!)

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