What you put on your body is almost as important as what you eat. Many times our skin protects us from external interference, however, our skin is the largest organ of our body and often it absorbs what we put on it. This absorption process literally allows the chemicals and toxins in so many soaps, lotions, & cremes to enter our bodies (or they’ll block our pores) – creating havoc.

However, when plants are carefully combined, they become powerful allies in maintaining a healthy life.  They offer a  plethora of therapeutic properties – bringing many physical, mental and emotional benefits into our bodies. The therapeutic essential oils I use in Alywillow products are also small enough to soak right through your skin, into your body.

By using wild-harvested or organic herbs & essential oils, Alywillow products help restore the body and refresh the senses. They are about returning to clean living and they are free of synthetics, petrochemicals, floral water fluff, detergents, animal ingredients, animal testing, sodium lauryl sulfates and all other artificial ingredients.   Even the colors of our soaps come from roots and herbs. 

For several years. I was just too busy to create these products. In the meantime, I tried using other, similar things on the market but never found anything I liked as much as my stuff. Then, a back injury, several years of recovery and the transition of becoming a single mom, created many challenges, or as I like to call them, new opportunities.

I owned and operated a Yoga Center on Topsail Island and then traveled the country teaching Ascending (http://aliyatrinity.com/) and then a few years in the mountains researching local plants (while I was perfecting some of my formulas).

I love living a more natural and sustainable lifestyle and now that I’m back in North Carolina, my home state, I’ve brought back all the beauty of my work with the intention of settling in these rolling hills. Thank goodness for pine trees – I really missed them!  I’m enjoying the feeling of being home and am loving the simple joys of life.   🙂

Over the years I’ve learned living a natural life is far more powerful than I first realized.  The stories my customers share with me regarding their experiences with Alywillow products continue to amaze me (I ask for videos and photos because I want to see…. and I know others do too).  I never realized something so simple as making skin care from plants would have such amazing results (and as quickly).  

I hope you’ll treat yourself to a  healthy life – we are all worth it! 

~ your new friend, Aliya

A New Beginning – and better than ever!

Introducing the new ALYWILLOW products! Some may remember them under the name Willowcare (1998 – 2010), however,  just like the name change, all of the products have received a new look and in some cases, an improvement in their recipe.

Therapeutic Benefits

Alywillow products have been created using high quality organic and therapeutic ingredients that bring many benefits to the body. Alywillow products do not contain any harmful chemicals, caustics, lye, petroleum, petro-by-products, parabens, or lye derivatives.  Instead of those things, they include incredible therapeutic ingredients.

Although the effects can be very powerful, the therapeutic effects are not enough on their own to restore your health and joy.  Our happiness and health are affected by our overall lifestyle, eating habits, relationships, intake of water, level of exercise and exposure to chemicals and other harmful substances.


Please contact Aliya if you are interested in sharing Alywillow with others. We have a Certified Reseller Training program and offer discounts based on volume and regularity of orders.

Just a Few of the Alywillow products

    • PLANT POWERED PERFUMES – The quality and strength of French perfume made with only plants and absolutely no alcohol. A little goes a long way.
    • BODY SPRAYS – A soft, light scent created with plants. Safe enough for even the most sensitive sniffer & perfect for the body or use in your office or home.
    • MAGIC SOAPS – Safe enough for your face and strong enough for your feet… also provides nutrients that sink into your body bringing many other therapeutic benefits.
    • 3 STEP RECOVERY SKIN CARE PROGRAM- An incredible program that lessens wrinkles & acne while making your skin healthier and appearing younger.
    • HIMALAYAN MINERAL SALT  – For all the salt lovers. It’s like sprinkling minerals over your food with a more full taste than table salt. Also, it’s so good for you, there’s no need to hold back!
    • and more…

Working with plants…

The plants essences used in all Alywillow products are most effective and will last longer when the products are maintained in an environment from 50-76 degrees with normal humidity. If the temperatures or humidity are too low or too high, it can shorten the life of your product or in some cases, complete destroy it. Please treat them like baby plants and take care!