Pure and Simple. Alywillow’s approach to life is about returning to nature for our most basic needs. After all, our ancestors were able to live for thousands of years without synthetic chemicals. This concept drives us to excel at formulating products of only pure plants and natural resources.

We are pure plant perfection!

Alywillow skin, body, and home products offer the health-boosting power of essential oils, flowers, roots, resins, and more. We use over 120 plants from around the world in addition to organic honey, Himalayan salt and organic beeswax.

These superfood ingredients do wonders for your complexion and overall health, giving you bio-ready nutrient-rich uploads with a myriad of therapeutic benefits. We use no artificial ingredients, no animal ingredients, no petro-sourced ingredients, no floral water fluff, no detergents sulfates, no lye,  and we are cruelty-free.

Healthy skin is a sign of a healthy body!

Since our skin is our largest organ and the things we put on it are often absorbed into it, Alywillow items are created using natural, nourishing and replenishing plants that help restore and renew your skin every day… for a healthier glow!

There are beautiful side effects. 

We have gathered some of the most beneficial therapeutic and medicinal plants from around the world to form our effective therapeutic and medicinal formulas and then added them to our ‘pure plant’ body and skin care products. This creates products which act as delivery systems to bring the benefits of nurturing plants into our bodies. They aid in restoring balance to the skin and strengthening the different systems of the body,to enhance our overall wellbeing.

With over 20 years of experience, our founder, Aliya Trinity, created Alywillow as a pure plant company and as of 2017, we offer over 150 different products made of pure plants. Every color, preservative, ingredient and scent comes from plants!

Your skin is alive and breathes!

The largest organ of your body is also your first line of defense against the elements. Unfortunately, due to the wind, sun, and exposure to chemicals, our skin is being challenged every day and it struggles to maintain balance. There are pathways regulating the flow of air, several layers of the dermis, with nerves, sweat glands, hair follicles and more.  Alywillow moisturizers sink deep into the skin, allowing your skin to breathe and bringing nutrients into your body.

Our commitment to purity and compassionate awareness is building lifetime customers. Many people confess about how much better they feel just from bathing in our Warrior Formula soaps. Others claim the stress relief they receive from the Sweet Magic formula products is indispensable in their lives.

Everyone has beauty and the most inspirational are those whose inner beauty shines forth in full brilliance. Alywillow products contain plants that feed your body nutrients and power – giving you the best chance to be YOU in a healthy and beautiful way.  Once your skin and body are more balanced, your beauty becomes even more captivating.

The best makeup is healthy skin!

Makeup is normally used to cover blemishes and imperfections, but, what if you didn’t have anymore these? Our focus is on healthy skin and you can see that many of our customers rave about becoming free of the need for makeup. Of course, we don’t condemn makeup. We do suggest finding a line of makeup that is free of all synthetic chemicals.

Happiness is important! Alywillow was birthed into existence to help make a better life for people and more sustainable for the earth by sharing the message of respect and authenticity through products made of pure plants and absolutely no synthetic ingredients. These plants are our allies in enjoying healthier and happier lives.

Knowledge is imperative!

There are inherent dangers of overusing essential oils, Aliya developed a system to classify the safety and use of each product. Her determination for authentic purity ensures Alywillow’s safety standards exceed those recommended by the EU and the internationally recognized work of Robert Tisserand and Rodney Young in ‘Essential Oil Safety; A Guide for Healthcare Professionals.’ This is most important to epileptics, infants, children, nursing and pregnant women. Most of our products are classified in three grade levels…

  • THE ESSENTIALS PRODUCTS – safe enough for 1-day old babies! Also developed for epileptics, pregnant women, nursing women and children from 0-7 years old.
  • THE THERAPEUTICS PRODUCTS – We offer over 60 products with a therapeutic grade rating. These formulas are designed to give you wonderful therapeutic benefits, such as supporting your circulatory system, nervous system, glandular system and more. They are also formulated to exceed safety standards of the EU Commission and are safe enough for age 7 to adult to use every day, for the rest of your life.
  • THE MEDICINAL PRODUCTS – These products contain formulas with powerful benefits, like reducing insomnia, swelling, pain, panic attacks, headaches, and more. Their complex formulas offer high levels of success for almost everyone and they should only be used when needed.
We make Facials Sets, Vegan Soaps, Spray Moisturizers, Deodorant, Hair Cremes, Shampoos, Body Butters,  perfumes, herbal remedies and more…  it’s all from plants!


We use vegetable glycerin and organic ingredients in our soap. There is no lye or charcoal or any other ingredient that could damage the skin from long-term use.  is no alcohol or water in our moisturizers.

Our moisturizers are healing and non-greasy.

There is no alcohol or water in our moisturizers and yet, they feel light and stay in the skin for 6-12 hours, depending upon which level you use. There are 5 levels of moisturizers so you can choose the perfect level for your face, your hands, feet, and whole body.  Alywillow items are simply natural and delightful for your skin!

Alywillow items are simply natural and delightful for your skin!

Most people use Alywillow products simply because they smell great and are made of completely out of plants), many people with sensitive skin rave about the quality of their skin after using our products. Others simply choose them for their many therapeutic benefits, such as, helping relieve symptoms of shingles, eczema, psoriasis, muscle and joint pain, acne problems, swelling, varicose veins,  and more.

Alywillow products are vegan and made completely of therapeutic and organic plants that feed your body nutrients instead of overloading it with chemicals and toxins. In fact, many of them help detox your body and balance your pH levels. We use steam distilled therapeutic grade essential oils, cold pressed organic oils and a variety of herbs.

Aliya has created skin care systems to help those recovering from skin cancer, formulas to help relieve acne, anti-aging formulas to naturally and safely reduce fine lines and wrinkles, Spray Moisturizers that help repair skin problems, Body Butter (Creme) moisturizers (for the driest of skins) that help repair cracked and broken skin and more…

You can buy Alywillow items in the following ways:

  1. Alywillow building showrromVisit our Showroom at 5301 Hillsborough Street, Raleigh, NC 27606. This is also a production and training facility.
  2. Alywillow weekend storeVisit our booth (inside the historic Commercial Building at the Raleigh Flea Market on the NC State Fairgrounds every Saturday and Sunday 9-6pm). The Raleigh Flea Market has been listed as one of the top 10 Flea Markets in the US. It’s a festive place to be.
  3. OR Go to our online store on etsy4ETSY and we’ll ship your items directly to your home or office. Remember, Alywillow products are great gift ideas too!  (Use this code for free shipping off all orders over $45 in the continental US

Do You Want to Sell Alywillow?

ProfAre you interested in sharing Alywillow with your friends or family?  Whether you are a company wishing to purchase wholesale or an individual wishing to share Alywillow with your friends and family, we require Certification as a Reseller of Alywillow and continued training will be required to continue selling Alywillow. It’s a fulfilling experience of sharing the joy and health of the plants with everyone you meet. This way you earn money while sharing the benefits of the plants!  It’s easy for people to understand the value and beauty of these products when they feel the silky Body Butters and smell the natural scents.  Sign up now to get on our waiting list. Training will begin again the first quarter of 2016

We choose to create a better world through each action we take.

Together we are doing it by encouraging more chemical-free farming methods and insisting on pure products. It seems the focus of many existing companies around the world is solely on profit margins. Alywillow’s focus is structured completely different. Our focus is health and happiness.

Alywillow Decision Guidelines.

Before additions, adjustments, or any decisions are made, we ask these questions.

  • Are the land and water protected and respected?
  • Does this action or choice respect people over profit?
  • Are we continuing the cycle of life by honoring our ancestors and the future to come? So many people in this current age have lost the importance of this cycle. But, if not us, then who?

As natural as the wind!

We know our customers appreciate our commitment to synthetic free products, yet, that’s not all we are committed to!  Did you know we are always looking for better ways to ensure all aspects of our operations are good for people and planet?  We have implemented zero waste strategies with a positive impact on our community.  We easily meet all local, state and federal waste regulations and we recycle like a bunny that never stops hopping.  And this is just the beginning!  


Our skin is exposed to many harsh environments and it can use all the help it can get to stay healthy. Specific plants are powerfully effective at helping restore your health and live well.


Meet Aliya with AlywillowHi, I’m Aliya and my introduction into the world of plants started in the early 1990′s. when I decided to start getting away from chemicals to live more naturally.   I quickly learned how powerful the plants are and started looking for easy ways to enjoy them everyday while making my life healthier.

Now, we have formulas that help relieve muscle and joint pain,
stop MRSA Staff infection bumps, stop the itch of mosquito bites, dry up shingle blisters, clear many acne problems, balance skin tones, heal cracked skin, protect against wind burn,  make your nails stronger, IMG_2297remove spider veins,  stop the pain of sunburn without touching it, increase the health of your circulatory system, help stop and repair nerve damage,  completely clear excema, stop psoriasis and more…

This natural way is far more powerful than most realize and I always choose quality first because a healthy body and life makes life worth living (and actually saves money in the long run).

Over the years, my relationship with the plants has become a way of life and it’s through these experiences I’ve developed a line of products to address many of the body and skin issues people encounter. However, most people choose their favorite formula based upon the smell or their desire to be natural.

Alywillow showroomAGES AND SAFE USE

All of the formulas are safe (and healthy) for everyday use by adults (except those with epilepsy).  For those with epilepsy, children (0-6years), 2nd & 3rd trimester pregnant moms and nursing moms – we recommend using our created the ELEMENTAL products. These soaps and moisturizers are made pure and safe enough for babies.  🙂


Email or call and we’ll help you find exactly what you desire. Private appointments can be scheduled with Aliya for custom design items to fit your specific needs. In fact, most of the products I’ve create were started because someone asked for it. 😉


* Environmentally Friendly – most of Alywillow packaging has been recycled or reused and we hope you will choose to reuse, recycle or compost.

** FAST with Quick Turnaround – we’ll get it to you as quickly as possible!

*** We even use recycled and compostable packaging because we care about the planet and our future.


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Thank YOU!

Thank you for supporting this small business. It’s one of those small things that helps make our economy stronger.

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